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Headsize Wire For Halo Brim

This headsize wire is made of frame wire. First measure, then cut, join
ends, and shape as for any hat. Lay the headsize wire on the material,
having the joining at the back. The front and the back of the brim, if
of equal width, will be somewhat narrower than the side because of the
elongated headsize wire; however, the headsize wire may be placed on
the brim in any position desired. Pin in place and sew with an
overcasting stitch. Trim the material inside the headsize wire, leaving
an extension of one-quarter of an inch to turn over; it will be found
necessary to sew this down over the wire, making the edge more secure.

Another method of making a halo brim is accomplished by cutting a piece
of material on the bias, twice as wide as the brim and as long as the
circumference. Stretch this piece of material, then pin the center of
the strip over the edge wire, gather the raw edges to fit the headsize
wire and sew in place. This method does not make a smooth brim, but is
more quickly made. When two thicknesses of sheer material are used for
halo brims a very pretty effect is obtained by placing flat flowers,
petals of flowers, or feathers between the two materials.

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