Felt And Beaver Hats

When soiled, clean with gasoline and cornmeal. To restore the gloss, rub

the hat with a very fine piece of sandpaper which has been tacked over a

small block of wood. Rub with the nap. To complete the process, remove

the sandpaper and substitute a piece of velvet. Rub this on a hot iron,

then on beeswax. Continue the operation of rubbing the hat with the nap

until it is restored to its original freshness. The crown must be packed

with cloth before rubbing to keep it solid enough to do satisfactory

work. If the brim of a felt or beaver hat needs cutting down at the

edge, mark with a piece of chalk where the brim is to be cut. Sew on

this line with an unthreaded sewing machine several times, and the felt

will be cut through and the edge broken off at this point. This looks

much better than when cut with shears or with a knife.