Edge Of Brim Facing When Finished Without Wire

A brim covered with velvet or any fabric may also be finished underneath

without a wire, the edges being slipstitched together. In this case, the

underfacing would be turned under one-fourth inch and pinned in place

all the way around before beginning to sew. Bring the needle through

from underside of facing to the very edge of fold. Place point of needle

directly opposite this stitch and take a small stitch in upper facing,

then take a small stitch in underfacing. Each stitch always begins just

opposite the ending of preceding stitch, so that the thread between the

two facings crosses the seam at right angles to edge of brim. This

method makes the work look smooth, and also it will not pull out of

place; however, this style of finishing an edge is not popular and

requires much practice.