Crown Tips

The top of the crown may be kept soft-looking or it may be made of

buckram, producing a stiff effect. Both methods will be given.

SOFT CROWN TIP--First shape side crown to fit headsize wire on brim,

which will be an ellipse. Cut piece of crinoline, the exact shape of the

crown, plus one inch all around. Pin this over top, puffing it a very

little, and sew with stab stitch close under wire. Cut surplus material

off to one-fourth inch.

STIFF CROWN TIP, MADE OF BUCKRAM--Lay top of side crown on smooth side

of buckram and mark the shape with a pencil. Cut buckram one-half inch

outside of this mark. Next, in order to fold down this stiff crown tip,

it will be necessary to cut, from this half-inch of buckram outside the

pencil line, small wedge-like pieces, about one inch apart. Cut them

close to the line drawn. Pin this piece on top of crown, press flaps

down and sew on with stab stitch.