No 2 Pattern For The Center

This center is made from a piece of velvet ribbon three and one-half

inches long and one and one-quarter inches wide. Fold lengthwise, with

the satin side out. At one end sew straight across, making a seam

one-eighth of an inch deep and turn. Cut the other end like the diagram

and sew this with the velvet side out, leaving a tiny space at the

bottom to insert the wire. This now looks something like a Jack in the

Twist a few yellow stamens in the end of a piece of seven-inch

tie wire and push the other end down through the little opening left at

the lower point and draw the stamens down in as low as desired. Make a

small, short loop in the tie wire close to the blossom to prevent its

slipping back down on the wire.

Each year there are new developments in flower making, but the

principles are the same. If a few are mastered, there is usually very

little difficulty experienced in copying others which may appear from

year to year. Lovely flowers may be made from a few inches of hat braids

which are left over or from wool and raffia, maline or colored nets.