To Face Under Side Of Brim

Pin velvet on under side, using same method in pinning as that on top of

brim. This must be pinned very carefully. Cut off velvet all around

edge, leaving a little less than one-fourth inch to turn under.

Facings are usually finished at the edge with a wire. Cut a piece of

frame wire the exact circumference of the brim, plus one inch for lap.

Bend to shape of brim and pin under edge of velvet, beginning at the

center b
ck. Roll velvet over wire and bring out to edge. Pin in place

all the way around before beginning to sew. Place pins in at right

angles to brim. A piece of velvet held in the left hand will prevent

finger marks from showing on the velvet. Begin to sew at left of wire

joining, while holding underside of brim towards you. Bring needle

through from back close under wire. With the head of the needle press

velvet along under wire to make a crease or sort of bed for the thread

of the next stitch. Take nearly a half-inch stitch by placing needle

close under the wire and coming through between the wire and the upper

facing. Come back under the wire with a very small back stitch, being

careful to adjust the wire as you sew, and to catch a little of the

upper covering with each back stitch. When wire joining is reached,

treat the lapped ends as one wire. Fasten ends securely by taking

several small back stitches. Lace wire, being smaller than frame wire,

is sometimes used to finish the edge of facing. It does not look as

heavy, but is somewhat more difficult for a beginner to handle.