Sticks For Brim

Straighten and cut four pieces of frame wire the length of the diameter

of the brim plus three inches for finishing. Place one of these sticks

across the headsize wire from front to back on the marks made by the

pencil, allowing the ends to extend an equal length. Fasten to the

headsize wire with tie wire. Place the next stick from side to side,

joining on the pencil marks. The two remaining sticks when placed on the

remaining marks divide the circle into eighths. This is called the

skeleton of the brim; the wires are named front, back, right side,

left side, right side front, right side back, left side front,

left side back. The position of these ends or spokes should correspond

to the creases in the paper pattern, and the length of each one should

be determined by measuring the corresponding crease on the pattern.