To Wire Turban Flare

Sew the headsize wire one inch from the bottom, being careful not to

stretch or full the material. Cut another piece of brace wire one or two

inches larger than headsize wire and sew on the raw edge at the bottom,

stretching the fabric to fit if a flare is desired. A roll may be made

by slightly fulling the fabric on to the wire, which must be smaller

than for a flare. If the side of the crown is to be curved in slightly,

/> this is easily done by taping the side about halfway between the top and

the bottom, drawing the tape as tight as is necessary. Next pin the tape

and sew in place. Sew another wire high enough above the tape to make

the crown the required height. If the crown is to be flared a little at

top, sew the wire inside and stretch the material as much as desired. If

the top of the crown is to be drawn in, sew the wire on the outside,

making the crown slightly smaller at the top. If sufficient material is

allowed at the top the extra amount may be drawn up over a small circle

of wire to make the crown top, but an extra piece cut for this purpose

is more satisfactory. A smooth crown may be made from an extra piece

sewed over the top after the side is finished.