No flower is more popular than the violet, and a cluster of handsome

violets make a most acceptable gift at any time.

Violet-colored satin ribbon about one-quarter of an inch in width is

used. Begin by tying a knot one inch from the end, tie another one inch

from this knot; continue until there are five or six knots one inch

apart. In tying, try to keep the satin side of the ribbon out and make

as round a
knot as possible by pushing the ribbon edges together on the

knot. Do not tie too tightly. A little practice is needed, but the

blossom is easily made. Hold the first knot between the thumb and

finger, bring the third knot up and place with it, then the fifth, and

so on, until the knots are all placed--usually three on one side, and

two or three on the other. Cut green tie wire six or seven inches long

for stems. Wind an inch of the end over the ribbon between these folded

knots and twist. Cut the ribbon off pointed, leaving one-half inch end.

Two shades of ribbon may be used if desired. Sometimes a few yellow

stamens are fastened in with the wire or a few French knots in yellow

added at the center after the blossom is made, but neither is needed and

add but little to the beauty of this little blossom. Shape the petals up

around the center.

The foliage for this flower can be bought, or made according to

directions given elsewhere. A spray of almost any foliage will do. A

small rosebud, a morning-glory or an orchid added to a bouquet of

violets will make it doubly charming.