To Sew

Bring the needle through the edge of the braid at the lap from the under

side and take a tiny stitch, stabbing the needle through the braid and

the buckram; the small stitch on the right side will be hidden if the

thread is not pulled too tight. Take a stitch on the wrong side from

one-quarter to one-half an inch in length, depending upon the width and

quality of the braid. Continue basting and sewing the braid until the

> headsize is reached and the braid extends up above the headsize wire one

inch. If the brim is wider at some points than at others, the wider side

must be filled in with short strips following the same curve, being

careful that the ends are left long enough to extend up beyond the

headsize wire one inch. When the brim is very much wider at some points,

short pieces of braid may be worked in at intervals as the braid is

sewed; this would not make such an abrupt curve, and the general lines

of the braid would be more pleasing.

When one side of the brim is to be covered with fabric, fit this to the

brim, baste at the headsize wire and cut the edge, allowing one-quarter

of an inch to lap over the edge. Remove the basting from the first row

of braid and tuck the edge of the fabric under. Pin and slipstitch to

place through the straw.