Straw Shapes

BRIM--Brush well to remove all the dust. If the brim is too wide, a few

rows of braid may be removed from the edge, and the edge refinished with

one or more rows of ornamental braid of the same color. If it seems

necessary to use an edge wire, this last row of braid may be made to

cover it, or a bias fold of satin, silk, velvet, or ribbon may be sewed

over the wire.

CROWN--When the crown of a straw hat is found to be too low for the

present style, the crown may be ripped from the brim, a narrow piece of

buckram sewed to the bottom of the crown and then sewed back to the

brim. Of course trimming must be planned to cover up this buckram. If

the crown is too high, a few rows of braid may be removed at the bottom

of the crown, enough to give the desired height.