Square Crown For Wire Frame

Straighten the brace wire and cut four sticks or pieces long enough to

reach from the base of the crown at the front up over the proposed crown

to the base of the crown at the back, allowing eight inches for

finishing. Cut and join a small circle of brace wire--about three inches

in diameter--for the crown top. Lay the four sticks across this circle

dividing it into eight equal sections as at the beginning of the brim,

and join to the sticks with tie wire. Cut a piece of brace wire one inch

smaller than the headsize wire. Lap the ends and tie this wire. Elongate

slightly. Join to the sticks outside of the small circle. Keep all

lapped ends of circles on the center back spoke. Bend spokes down over

this circle, then measure down from this circle for the height of crown

and mark on spokes with pencil. Be very accurate.