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To Tie Wire

Ends of brace wire parallel.

Right angles tied diagonally.

Brace wire tied without use of tie wire.

Before beginning to make a frame of wire, time will be saved and
necessary experience gained by tying a few short pieces of wire, until a
strong joint can be made. Cut fifty pieces or more of tie wire
three-quarters of an inch long. Cut two pieces of brace or frame wire
two or three inches long. Lap the ends of the heavy wire one inch, then
lap one of these pieces of tie wire around once as close to the end of
the brace wire as is possible. Hold in the left hand and with the end of
the pliers grasp the ends of the tie wire as close to the brace wire as
possible and twist tightly until the joint feels firm. Place pliers back
a little and twist several times until a little cable is formed. Cut
this off, leaving an eighth-inch end. Press this end down flat with the
jaws of the pliers. Tie the other end in the same manner. Practice this
until a satisfactory joint can be made with ease, before attempting to
make a frame of wire.

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