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To Slipstitch Seam

Bring needle through edge of fold on one side and enter the needle
through edge of fold on other side exactly opposite. Slip needle along
in this fold one-eighth of an inch, then bring the needle through to the
edge of the fold and take a stitch one-eighth of an inch long in the
fold of the other side, always being careful to begin the stitch exactly
opposite the end of the one preceding. Try to cut the material out from
inside the headsize wire in one piece so that it may be used for
something else. Examine the material carefully to make sure that it fits
perfectly. Baste with a stab stitch close to the headsize wire on the
outside; remove all pins as soon as possible. After basting this, you
will sometimes find that the material needs a little more adjusting at
the edge. Turn the velvet over the edge one-fourth inch and sew down
with an overcasting stitch.

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