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Wired Ribbon Bows

Ribbon is sometimes wired if a stiff effect is desired. Silk, satin,
velvet, or any kind of ribbon can be used. The flat ribbon wire is
sometimes pasted between two ribbons with milliner's glue. Often two
colors are rather effectively used in this way. The wire may also be
stitched to one edge of the ribbon. This is done by turning the ribbon
over the wire at the edge and stitching on the sewing machine. The ends
of the wire should extend two inches beyond the ends of the loop of the
bow. After the bow is arranged, these ends should be bent out and back,
making loops which are sewed down to the hat. This holds the bow very
firmly, especially if a small piece of buckram is placed inside the hat
at the point at which the bow is to be sewed. This re-enforces the frame
and makes it still more firm. If a bow is to be placed on top of a
crown, a hole may be made and the ribbon which completes the middle of
the bow may be brought up from the inside of the crown through this
opening, over the bow, and down through this opening and fastened inside
of the crown.

A narrow ribbon of velvet is very pretty twisted over a wire and two
perky loops and ends made. These are very pretty perched on the edge of
a brim or among flowers on the hat.

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