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Wild Rose Of Silk

The petals for the wild rose may be cut from the same pattern as for the
first rose given. This same pattern is used for many different
flowers--the wild rose, apple blossom, sweet pea, and for foliage.

For the wild rose use the size having the two-inch bias. Gather
one-eighth of an inch from the curved edge, draw down tight and fasten
the thread off. This rose requires five petals, and will look more
natural if two of the petals are of a darker shade than the other three.
For the center wrap a piece of tie wire around several yellow rose
stamens which may be bought at a millinery store, leaving the ends of
wire five or six inches long. Arrange the petals flat around this center
and sew in place. The petals should lie out flat, or nearly so. A bud
for this rose is made by folding a petal together after having gathered
it. The bud may be effectively finished by using two leaves of foliage,
placing one on either side, partially covering the bud and then
finishing with the wire or a small green rose cup. To finish with wire,
make a loop in the center of a ten-inch piece of tie wire. To this loop
sew the bud. Twist the wire several times for an inch below the bud,
then turn one end of the wire back and twist it around the stem until
the bud is reached. Wind it several times over the base of the bud, draw
it tight and see that the wire is close together. This will make a
finish for the bud.

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