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Transparent Hats

If a wire frame is to be covered with thin material, great care and
thought should be given to the frame, for it then forms part of the
design of the hat. A finer wire is sometimes used in this case, or a
beautiful frame may be made for thin materials by using a satin-covered
cable wire, and using as few wires as possible. It may seem advisable
after a wire frame is made to cut away some of the wires.

A round crown is one which rounds from tip to base. First straighten,
measure, and cut four sticks of brace wire, as for square crown, of the
ordinary length, allowing for finishing. Cut and join the ends of a
short piece of brace wire five or six inches long. This makes a small
circle for the top of the crown. Begin by tying the sticks across this
circle under it, dividing it into halves, quarters, and eighths, being
careful that the divisions are made accurately and that the sticks
extend an equal length from the circle. Keep these wires flat across
this circle. The sticks may now be curved down. It is sometimes found
easier to attach the base wire at this point before adding other

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