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To Make Pattern For Brim

Make a paper pattern the same as for the straight brim sailor. Measure
the same for the headsize wire, join ends of wire, shape to fit the
head, and pin on paper pattern of any desired width. To make the brim
droop, slash the pattern from the edge to the headsize wire in four
different places equally distant. Lap these slashes one-fourth inch at
the edge, and pin. The pattern may also be slashed in eight or more
different places if desired, the slashes being adjusted by lapping more
or less according to the amount of droop which may be becoming.

After the pattern is adjusted satisfactorily, mark with a pencil all
around just inside the headsize wire. Remove the wire and cut the paper
on this line. Cut pattern in two at back and lay out flat on smooth side
of buckram, leaving pins in slashes. Cut close to outside edge and allow
one-fourth inch for the lap at ends. Mark on buckram with pencil close
to headsize line and cut one-half inch inside this mark. Lap ends
one-fourth inch and backstitch closely at each edge of flap. Sew a
strip of crinoline flat over seam to smooth it up. Sew headsize wire on
place marked, which will be one-half inch from inside edge. Keep all
joinings at back. Slash buckram from inside edge to headsize wire every
half inch. Wire edge of brim and cover wire with crinoline--same method
as used on sailor brim.

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