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Plain Lining

This should be made of a bias strip of material cut the length of the
headsize wire, plus one inch for seam. The width should be the same as
the crown height plus two and one-half inches.

Fold one end over one-half inch and pin to the back of the hat; fold
the edge of the material down one-quarter of an inch around the inside
of the crown as close as possible to the edge without showing when the
hat is on the head. Pin in place all the way round and slipstitch the
two ends together; then begin at the seam and slipstitch the lining in
place. The method is to bring the needle from the underside of the
lining through the edge of the fold, catch a few threads of material on
the hat opposite this thread, and put the needle back through the fold
at the same point; bring the needle through the fold one-half inch from
the first stitch and proceed in this manner until the seam is reached.
Turn the other raw edge down one-half inch to the wrong side and make a
running stitch one-quarter inch from the folded edge in which a narrow
ribbon should be run, and drawn down as much as necessary to make the
lining fit the crown. A crown tip is used with this lining, which is
made of a piece of silk four inches square, sewed or glued to the inside
of the crown top. On this piece the designer's name is usually found.

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