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Pattern For Slanting Side Crown

Cut a piece of manila paper one-fourth inch wider than crown height and
one-half inch longer than headsize wire measure. Slash across this paper
in four equally distant places, within one-fourth inch of edge of
bottom, then lap slashes at top a little more than one-fourth inch, or
about enough to take out about one and one-half inches. Pin slashes. Lap
ends of paper one-fourth inch and pin together. Place this pattern on
brim with joining at back and pin to upturned slashes on brim. Try on to
see if any alterations are necessary. It can be decided at this point
and changes made should the crown be too sloping or too straight. An
amateur should try on a frame often in order to be assured of lines and
curves that are becoming. Remove pattern from brim and cut off from top
and bottom any irregularities on the edge.

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