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Headsize Wire For Wire Frame

A wire frame needs two headsize wires, so cut two just alike,
remembering always that the headsize wire is the most important wire in
any hat, as the comfort of the wearer depends upon the measurements
taken for this wire. Measure as for the headsize in a fabric hat,
lapping the ends one inch, and tying them. Try on these wires and shape
to fit the head. They should usually be elongated two inches.

Pin the headsize wire on the paper pattern, placing the joining on the
back crease and the exact center front of wire on the front crease; next
pin the sides securely, being careful to keep the wire shaped to fit the
head. Allow one-half inch inside of wire and slash every half inch out
to headsize wire. The pattern may now be tried on the head for any
necessary alterations. The brim pattern may be added to or cut away.

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