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Morning Glories

Cut a circle of paper four inches in diameter. One quarter section of
this will be the pattern for a morning glory. The circle may be larger
if desired, but the size should depend somewhat upon the material used.
These dimensions are for a small blossom made of taffeta silk or
organdie. If made of velvet or heavy silk, the pattern should be much

Lap the straight edges one-eighth of an inch in and paste in place. This
makes a cone. Cut a piece of tie wire six inches in length, lap one end
over several knots of yellow baby ribbon and twist securely. Push the
other end of wire through the cone from the inside and draw the knots
down into the point. Make a short bend in the wire at the lower point of
the blossom on the outside to prevent its slipping down on the wire. The
upper edge of the cone may be rolled over a piece of tie wire and pasted
if necessary; usually it stays in place without either sewing or
pasting. The edge should be stretched slightly. Organdie or taffeta silk
will stay rolled into place without the tie wire. Water color is used
most effectively on these flowers to make the shading as true to nature
as possible. If made of velvet they may be sewed down flat on a hat at
the side joining, when a large stamen of twisted ribbon or chenille may
be made to cover the joining in the cone.

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