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Foundations Of Buckram

The foundation for the second is in the shape of a low pyramid made from
buckram. Cut a small circle of buckram, slash in three equally distant
places from the outer edge to within one-eighth of an inch of the
center. Lap a small amount and sew. Three rows or more of pleating may
be used on this ornament. An ordinary ornament will require about five
yards of inch-wide ribbon. The first row would be placed near the
outside edge of the buckram and each pleat sewed as it is laid. The
pleating should radiate from the center. To do this, the inside of the
pleating will lap more than the outside. The next row will overlap this
first row and the same method will be used. The pleating may be tested
by holding a ruler on a line between the top and the lower edge of the
pleating. The pleats should all be on a straight line between these
points. The last or finishing row is the most difficult of all. The
pleats at the apex should meet, and pleats at the lower overlapping edge
be on a line with the rest of the pleating. A tiny bow or button is
sometimes used to finish the top, but it is much handsomer if finished
without either bow or button.

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