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Covering Turbans

Turbans are becoming to many types and are particularly suitable for the
matron. Gay coverings are used on them often when they would be out of
place on a larger hat. However, any material may be used; braids, alone
or in combination with fabric. Velvets, georgette, satin, and taffeta
are used. A turban covered entirely with flowers sewed down flat makes a
charming hat: the lower edge invariably looks better if first bound with
a bias piece of velvet no matter what the covering may be--it seems to
give a softer look around the face. A round crown of buckram makes a
good turban frame if a bias strip of crinoline an inch wide is sewed to
the lower edge to give a little flare. A frame of this kind may be
draped with velvet, satin, georgette, or any pliable material, and when
skillfully done the effect is beautiful indeed.

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