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Edge Wire

This is cut from frame wire and must be long enough to reach around edge
of brim and lap one inch. Edge wire is always sewed on same side of brim
as the headsize wire, which is usually the smooth side. Shape this wire
to conform to shape of brim. Never depend on the hat or the stitches to
hold a wire in place. Begin at center-back of hat holding wire toward
you, and sewing from right to left. Hold wire as near the edge as
possible, without letting it slip over the edge. Sew on with overcasting
stitch, taking two stitches in same hole. Take the stitches just the
depth of the wire. If too shallow, the wire will slip off over the edge,
or, if too deep, the wire will slip back away from the edge leaving it
unprotected and liable to become broken and uneven-looking. A frame must
be well made in every detail to produce satisfactory results when

TO COVER EDGE WIRE--All edge wire must be covered with crinoline or a
cheap muslin. Cut a strip of such goods on a true bias, three-eighths of
an inch wide. Remove the selvage and stretch the strip. Bind the edge
wire with it, holding it very tight. Sew close to wire using a stab

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