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Crown For Halo Brim

This may be very sheer, although a halo brim may be used on a braid or
satin crown if desired. A wire crown for a halo brim usually consists of
a mere collar of frame wire several inches high. This is sewed to the
headsize wire. The covering for the crown is usually made in the shape
of a circle about fourteen inches in diameter, with the same number of
thicknesses as the brim. Gather one-quarter of an inch from the edge,
adjust fullness and sew to the headsize wire. The height of the crown
depends upon the style of hair dressing. Place a band of the same
material as the crown, or a narrow ribbon, around the base of the crown
for trimming and to conceal the wires. A wired bow of the sheer material
may be used very effectively. (See chapter on Bows.)

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