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This blossom is especially adapted to the gown of the matron, or
wherever a touch of lavender is desired. It is effectively combined with
violets, or lilies-of-the-valley and maidenhair fern. The petals are
made of satin ribbon one and one-quarter inches wide and of the peculiar
pinkish lavender orchid shade. There are five petals in all--each calls
for seven inches of ribbon. If possible, three of the petals should be
one or two shades darker than the other two.

Fold a seven-inch piece of ribbon (one and one-quarter inches wide) in
half with the right side out. Cut into shape like the illustration.
Stitch a seam along the curved edge one-eighth of an inch from the edge.
Twist a very small loop in one end of a piece of seven-inch tie wire and
fasten up at folded end of the ribbon. Overhand this wire along the raw
edges, turn to the wrong side and sew the wire in with a one-eighth-inch
seam on the wrong side. This makes a French seam. Now spread the petal
open flat, and push it up on the wire until the petal measures six
inches in length. Gather the raw ends and wind them tight to the wire.
Finish the other four petals the same way.

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