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Ribbon Rose

To make a medium-sized ribbon rose requires two yards of satin ribbon
two inches wide. There are several different methods of making the
center for this rose. A simple center for this rose may be made from a
piece of the ribbon, four inches long. Fold this in half. Sew the
selvages together along one side. Turn and fill with cotton around which
has been wound the end of a six-inch piece of frame wire. A little
rose-scented sachet powder may be sprinkled on this cotton to add
perfume to the blossom. Gather the satin down close to the wire after
rounding the corners at the lower edges. Two yards should make this
center and eighteen petals. More may be added or fewer may be used. For
the first row cut three lengths three inches long; the second row, five
lengths three and one-half inches long; third row, five lengths four
inches long; fourth row five lengths four and one-half inches long. Each
petal is finished the same before it is sewed in place Fold the two
ends together, turn each corner of the folded end down diagonally and
pin in place. Now raise the end on the back of the petal and catch the
corners down with a few small stitches. Replace the end and gather the
raw edges together, but do not draw up close. Prepare all of the petals
in the same way before beginning to sew them to the center. Sometimes a
tiny bit of cotton is placed inside each petal to make the rose look
larger. When all the petals are finished, begin the rose by adding the
three smallest petals first. Pin in place around the center, wrapping
them closely around it and letting them extend about one-eighth of an
inch above the point. Add the next row, pinning each petal in place
before sewing. Place each succeeding row one-eighth of an inch above the
preceding one. Watch the face of the blossom carefully and see that it
looks as natural as possible. The back of the blossom will be covered
when finished, either with a few old rose leaves and a rose cup, or
points of green ribbon sewed to resemble leaves. A rubber stem may be
bought to slip over the wire on which the rose is sewed, or the wire may
be wound with green floss, baby ribbon, green tissue paper, or gum
tissue. If the rose is to be full blown, it would be much better to
make the center of yellow stamens.

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