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Tailored Bow

This bow is usually made from a piece of ribbon which has both sides
alike, although it may be made from any ribbon. A Knox tailored bow is
made from gros-grained ribbon. Cut a small piece of buckram for a
foundation to sew the ribbon on. This should be sufficiently small so
that the ribbon will conceal it. Make two loops of equal length, letting
the ribbon lie perfectly flat. Measurements should be very exact. Sew
these loops firmly to the buckram; fold the ribbon back and forth to
make these loops without cutting. Next fold two more loops, one on each
side, one-quarter of an inch shorter and exactly on top. Sew firmly and
cut the ribbon off at the center. Fasten two short ends to the back of
the bow, allowing them to extend one-quarter of an inch and cut
diagonally. Take a short length of ribbon and pleat it once through the
center. Wrap this once around the bow and fasten at the back.

This bow is much used on sailors or any tailored hat. There are many
kinds of fancy bows brought out from season to season, but if the making
of a few styles of standard bows is mastered, others may be easily

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