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To Cover Narrow Brim Sailor Without An Edge Seam

This method can be used satisfactorily only when the brim is narrow,
and the fabric pliable. For convenience we will give measurements as for
a two and one-half inch brim, flat sailor, outside edge measuring forty
inches. Cut a bias piece of velvet forty inches long and seven inches
wide. Fold this velvet through center lengthwise and stick pins every
three inches through edge of fold at right angles to edge and close to
edge. This is to mark the line that must be placed on the edge of the
brim. If the velvet is not placed evenly, there will be found a greater
amount of fullness on one side than on the other. Place velvet over the
brim and pin on edge at points marked by pins. Stretch as tight as
possible. On a brim of this width all of the fullness should be worked
out. If this is found to be very difficult, lay the brim aside, with the
velvet pinned on, for an hour or for overnight, and the velvet will be
found to give a little more. Remove as much of the length as possible.
Locate seam, remove from frame, sew seam, and replace as before. Sew on
top close to headsize wire, working out all the fullness possible; pull
under part up into headsize. Sew one-fourth inch above headsize wire
onto the flaps, being careful not to pull the thread too tight or the
headsize wire will be reduced in size.

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