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To Cover A Mushroom-shaped Brim

If not very drooping, it may be covered without making a seam in the
material. To do this, begin by placing the corner of the fabric on top
at the front of the brim. Pin the front, back, and each side, always
pulling with the thread of the material, and pin closely at edge, with
pins at right angles to the brim. If covered with georgette, satin or
silk, which is pliable, the fullness may all be worked out without a
seam. Baste close to headsize wire and finish edge by following same
method as used in finishing sailor brim. Also follow same method with
facing. If the material used is not pliable, or if the brim is too
drooping to admit of stretching the material smoothly, a seam must be
made at the back. The method would be the same as used in covering the
rolled brim.

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