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To Cover With Braid

Great care and patience must be exercised in covering a hat with straw
braid. The lines which are to be emphasized should be carefully studied,
as there are several methods used in laying the braid on the frames.

The stitch used for sewing braid is always the same--a very short stitch
on the right side, and a stitch one-quarter of an inch long on the wrong
side. The thread must not be pulled too tight, or the position of the
stitches may be seen; also always match the thread to the straw. Straw
braid may be sewed to a willow, buckram, neteen, or crinoline frame
except when a very soft hat is desired; it may then be sewed and
shaped over a wire or buckram frame, but not on to it, as it is to be
removed from the frame after sewing; or, if the braid is coarse, it may
be sewed to a wire frame which has been previously covered with
crinoline or mull. (See illustration.)

Many hats have a brim faced with straw, while a fabric is used on top.
In this case the braid must be put on first in order that the stitches
may be taken through the brim, which the fabric on top will cover.

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