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To Cover Round Crown

Pin material on top of crown with bias at front. Pull with the straight
of the material and pin just below edge of curve. Sew one-half inch
below this with stab stitch, trim material off close under this
stitching. Remove pins. Fit a bias piece of material, using same method
and measurements as for side crown of velvet sailor in chapter II. Sew
the crown to brim before adjusting the side crown covering. Pull this
bias piece over crown and pin smoothly in place. Finish top and bottom
of this band by turning the edges over a wire. Use same stitch as in
finishing edge of facing on brim.[13-1] This makes a neat finish for a
hat which will demand little trimming. If the amateur finds it too
difficult to finish the bottom of a side crown in this way, the edge may
be covered with a fold of material or a narrow ribbon; the top may also
be finished by a narrow ribbon, but finishing neatly with a wire should
be mastered if possible, as this style of finish is used in many places.

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