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Base Wire

Cut a piece of brace wire one-half inch longer than the wire used for
the headsize wire. Lap the ends one inch. Make this the same shape as
the headsize wire and test the size by trying it on over the headsize
wire on the brim for which the crown is made. An ordinary height for a
round crown would be seven inches from tip to base wire, but to be safe,
it is always better to measure the head. Sometimes, on account of an
abundance of hair or a high coiffure, a greater height is needed. If the
base wire is elongated to fit the head, the side measurement from the
tip to the base of the crown will be found shorter than from the tip to
the front and the back. It will be most helpful to take an old crown
which has an elongated headsize and either measure it and work from the
measures or else work over it.

The crown must be even at the bottom when finished, and when placed upon
the table must rest evenly. The base wire may be tied with tie wire on
the front and back spokes and on each side spoke until the circles
between it and the crown tip are added. It will then be found easy to
adjust it before finishing off the wires; i.e., the crown may be made
higher or lower.

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