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Base Wire For Crown

Measure and cut a length of brace wire one-half inch longer than for the
headsize wire. Lap the ends one inch and join with tie wire. The base
wire of any separate crown must be large enough to fit over the headsize
wire on the brim. Place this circle, after having shaped it like the
headsize wire, on the inside of the spokes at the point marked,
beginning at the center back, and finish as any edge wire by twisting
the ends of the spokes once and a half around the wire. Press the wires
down tight with the pliers. Cut the ends off close and press flat with
the jaws of the pliers. Many more circles may be added and tied on with
tie wire if desired; also more spokes may be added. This would be
desirable if the frame is to be covered with braid, or if used for
blocking fabric for frames.

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