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We are now ready to make use of the measurements taken from the pattern.
Mark the length of each spoke with a pencil; the distance they are to be
apart should be marked on the edge wire. These measurements are taken
from the pattern. Finish the edge the same as the sailor brim. Add as
many circles between the edge wire and the headsize wire as desired.

We have now made in wire the first variation from a perfectly flat brim.
Always make a pattern before making a wire frame except when copying and
then measurements may be taken from the hat to be copied. Here are some
of the reasons why the pattern is important: first, it may be tried on
and this helps to decide if the style is becoming, before working it out
in wire; second, the position of the wires may be determined and marked
on the paper pattern; third, the more work done from a paper pattern the
easier it will be to copy; fourth, it trains the eye, thus making
free-hand work much easier.

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