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For the inexperienced in bow-making there is no better plan than to copy
many different styles of bows, using either tissue paper or cheap
cambric, as ribbons are ruined by being made over too many times.
Bow-making is sometimes quite difficult for an amateur, while for some
students of millinery it is very easy, but any one with patience may
become quite expert in time.

Cut the tissue paper or cambric the exact width of the ribbon which is
to be used. In this way the exact amount of ribbon may be determined,
as well as the length of each loop. If a stiff, smart-looking bow is to
be made, fold the ribbon in loops before pleating. If a soft-looking or
puffy, fat-looking bow is desired, pleat the ribbon singly before
making the loops. The soft bow is often used for children's hats. After
the desired number of loops is made, wind a strong thread around the
center and over this wrap the remaining end of ribbon around the center
several times until the center is filled up sufficiently to look well.

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