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A Shirred Crown Of Fabric

There are two methods of making a shirred crown of fabric in which
taffeta, satin, georgette, or velvet may be used. Velvet is especially
beautiful made up in this way. The first method is the preferred. Cut a
circular piece of material, having a diameter the length of the crown
from front to back, measuring over the top from the headsize wire, plus
four inches.

On the wrong side of the material mark circles (concentric) one-half
inch apart, after first having marked a circle in the center about three
inches in diameter. Gather on the line of each circle with a fine
running stitch and bring the thread through to the right side as each
circle is completed.

Locate the exact center of the crown top and cut a small hole at this
point. Pull thread of the smallest circle up tight. This will form a bag
which should be pulled down through the hole made at the center of the
crown top and sewed securely in place. The material should be pinned
down at four equal points at the edge of the crown, the threads of the
other circles pulled up until the material fits the crown snugly. Adjust
the fullness evenly and sew in place. This is an excellent way to use up
old material which would otherwise show marks or any other defects.

The second method does not make as pleasing an effect, but may be used
when the material happens to be in such shape that a circle cannot be
cut from it. A bias strip about eight inches wide and long enough to
reach around the crown, plus three or four inches, should be joined on
the lengthwise thread of the material. The first shirring or gathering
should be one-half inch from the edge, the additional threads should be
run in evenly every half inch. The first thread near the edge should
then be drawn up as tightly as possible and this edge pushed through the
hole in the top of the crown. This method will require a somewhat larger
opening than the first. The material is then drawn down on the outside
and pinned to the bottom of the crown; the threads are then pulled tight
and firm and are fastened off. Next adjust the gathers evenly and sew in

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