Blocking Over Wire Frames

If a buckram frame needs changing radically, it may be done by blocking

over a wire frame made for the purpose. The wire frame should have six

sticks instead of four, and circles not more than one inch apart, shaped

as desired. Old or new buckram, neteen, or any coarse material which has

been heavily starched, may be used. Wet the fabric thoroughly with warm


Block the crown first. Place the materia
over the crown and pull it

down until all the wrinkles are removed, pin closely to the headsize

wire all around. When dry, mark with a pencil all around close to the

headsize wire, remove from the frame, cut on the pencil mark and sew a

headsize wire on the edge. If there are marks of the wire to be removed,

hold a cloth on the inside of the crown and press lightly with a hot

iron. The brim is managed in the same way. Mark at the headsize, cut off

at this point one-half inch inside the mark, and sew a headsize wire on

the pencil mark. Mark at the edge wire, cut off at the pencil mark, and

finish with edge wire.