Renovation Of Hat Coverings And Linings

To freshen velvet and raise the pile, brush well to remove the dust.

With the wrong side down, hold it over the spout of a tea-kettle of

rapidly boiling water. An assistant is needed to brush it lightly as it

is passed back and forth over the steam. The great force of the steam

will raise the pile much more quickly than the method of using a damp

cloth over a hot iron. If the velvet after steaming is found to be still

too imperfect or faded to be used on the hat plain, it may be gathered a

half inch apart or more and used either on the crown or the brim, or it

may be mirrored by ironing on the right side with a hot iron, always

ironing lightly one way, using a sweeping motion. Do not let the iron

rest for a second on the material or it will leave a mark.